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Adults Training

Reduce Body Fat, Gain Lean Muscles in 8 Sessions.

Whether your fitness goal is to strengthen, cross train, tone up or lose weight, our programme will provide the training stimulus to help you achieve your target.

Strength and Conditioning Concept
Resilience Fitness provides strength and conditioning programme, comprises of a variety of exercises that professional athletes do for conditioning their bodies to perform better at their sports. These exercises can also be applied to those who do not participate in sports, but wish to improve their overall fitness and health. Exercises involve using one’s own body weight and exercise equipment’s such as dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls resistance bands and many more. Every session exercises will be varied and will last 60 minutes.

Long Term Benefits
Wide range of exercise goals:

  • Body toning.
  • Sports conditioning.
  • Cross training.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Improvement in movement and coordination, strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity.
  • Improve health.
  • Enhance sport performance
  • Rehabilitation

Benefits of fitness Programme:

  • Safe training system that targets to give all muscle groups a thorough  workout
  • Effective and time saving, burn more calories in shorter time.
  • Weight loss, leaner, strong looking body.
  • Minimum running.
  • Small group training.
  • Results Guaranteed.

Training programme designed for beginners to advance athletes

Designed For Beginners to Advance Athletes:

Strength Conditioning Level 1

Strength Conditioning Level 1 is suitable for those who are new to exercise or low in physical fitness. Exercises are low impact focusing on building base level stamina and muscular strength.


Strength Conditioning Level 2

Strength Conditioning Level 2 is suitable for those who have good fitness and wish to further develop their stamina and core muscles strength. Exercises are higher in intensity and involve plyometric movements such as jumping, targeted to develop aerobic stamina, muscular strength and endurance, core stability, power, agility and coordination. This programme is also beneficial to athletes of various sports during conditioning period.









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