Step by step approach to performing standard push ups

Standard push ups can be challenging because it requires the core stabiliser muscles of the hips and shoulders to keep the body straight. By  performing push ups regularly, your upper body will see an increase in strength. You will also see improvements in core stability and also some aerobic benefits.
The shoulders are the most mobile joints in the human body and they are also very prone to injuries. Push up is a great exercise to strengthen the smaller stabiliser muscles of the shoulders to maintain healthy shoulder joints and to prevent injuries. The push up is also effective for strengthening the pectorals, biceps, triceps, glutes and abs.

Guidelines to proper push up.

intro1. Push up should be done in a slow and deliberate manner.

it’s important to maintain full control as you lower and raise your body. Avoid jerking or bouncing up and down.

2. Maintain good form while doing push ups

Good form should put your chest within 5cm of the floor, 90-degree angle at your elbow joint.

3. Maintain correct head position

your head should not be looking forward, up or down which may put strain on your neck muscles.

4. Focus on quality than quantity

It is ok to perform low reps. 5 quality push ups are more effective than many bad standard push up. To train the muscles effectively, push up should be performed in full range of motion.
It is incorrect to label push up as “girl” push up or “guy” push up.  Whether you are a man or woman, if you are unable to do the standard push up, you can follow the progression below.

Test your push up to determine which progression to start from.

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Progression 1. Knees on floor arms elevated

Place your hands on a higher platform will reduce the challenge. Progress to lower platform once you are comfortable to do 15 to 20 in proper form.
2015-11-29 11.51.32


Progression 2. Knees push up

Progress to  hands on floor once you are comfortable to do 15 to 20 in proper form for progression 1.
2015-11-29 11.51.47


Progression 3. Push up arms elevated

Progress to Push up arms elevated once you are comfortable to do 15 to 20 in proper form for progression 2.
Progress to a lower platform as you get stronger.


Progression 4. Standard push up

Progress to standard push up once you are comfortable to do 15 to 20 in proper form for progression 3.
2015-11-29 11.54.48


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