Shocking MRI Images of muscles between active and sedentary 70years old adult.

Is the loss of muscle mass and strength unavoidable due to aging?

A study was conducted to see if high level of exercises prevents the loss of lean muscle mass and strength as experienced in sedentary aging adults. The subjects were high-level recreational masters athletes who were aged 40 to 81 years and trained 4 to 5 times per week. The results showed from magnetic resonance imaging that muscles were significantly retained in the quadriceps. Strength of the quadriceps were also not lost.
40-year-old triathlete (quadriceps, cross-sectional MRI view)


70-year-old sedentary man (quadriceps, cross-sectional MRI view)


74-year-old triathlete (quadriceps, cross-sectional MRI view)


Most studies have found muscle-loss changes in sedentary aging adults. This study proves that muscle mass and strength decline is due to the effect of chronic disuse rather than muscle aging. This maintenance of muscle mass and strength may decrease or eliminate the falls, functional decline, and loss of independence that are commonly seen in aging adults.


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