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Monthly archive for November2015

Step by step approach to performing standard push ups

Standard push ups can be challenging because it requires the core stabiliser muscles of the hips and shoulders to keep the body straight. By  performing push ups regularly, your upper body will see an increase in strength. You will also see improvements in core stability…

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6 positive changes in overweight women body after 12weeks of indoor cycling

A study was conducted to observe the body composition and physiological effects of 14 young sedentary overweight women after indoor cycling training. They are trained for 12 weeks, three sessions per week carried out in a fitness room without any restriction on food consumption. After…

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Shocking MRI Images of muscles between active and sedentary 70years old adult.

Is the loss of muscle mass and strength unavoidable due to aging? A study was conducted to see if high level of exercises prevents the loss of lean muscle mass and strength as experienced in sedentary aging adults. The subjects were high-level recreational masters athletes…

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Probably the best weight loss motivation video you will ever see.

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9 highly dangerous carcinogenic items (IARC Group 1 classification) that are common in our daily life.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is the specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organization. Its role is to conduct and coordinate research into the causes of cancer. It also collects and publishes surveillance data regarding the occurrence of cancer worldwide. It…

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5 steps to improve your IPPT results from PASS to SILVER/GOLD in 1 month (training programme included)

 Passing IPPT is much easier now. You can do more push up and sit ups to compensate for the 2.4km run. Getting a Gold for IPPT is also easier. For age group 3, you need to perform 50 sit up, 48 push up and 10mins…

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